We provide a reliable and sustainable supply of first class oyster seeds

in diploid and the innovative triploide in a variety of sizes

Our Products

through our extensive research and development program,

Our product is the result of 30+ years of investigation and development, based on well-known research that allows us to generate continuous improvements in the quality of our seeds.

Both environmental conditional as those of the facility are ideal for the sustainable production of oyster larvae and seeds at large scale, meeting the growing demand for shellfish worldwide.

Our facility is equipped to the highest standard and includes laboratory, hatchery and nursery and has its own production of algae to feed the larvae’s and oysters.

In our hatchery, we apply a continuous selection of oyster larvae and seeds with highest growth potential under strict quality control. The growth and feeding in various production stages are strictly controlled by our specialized personnel to ensure a supply of products that are conditioned to the natural environment, with maximum growth and future survival. This results in the offer of the following products:

Oyster Seeds

Diploid and triploid seeds in the following commercial sizes.
Size (mm) Calibre (µm)
2 – 3 + 1400
3 – 4 + 2380
4 – 5 + 3360
5 – 7 + 4000
7 – 10 + 5000
10 – 12 + 7000
12 – 15 + 10000
17 – 20 +13000
20 – 25 + 15000
25 – 35 + 18000

Adult Oysters

Our adult oysters come directly from our own production of larvae and seeds selected under strict quality control in our hatchery, enabling us to supply a top quality product with exceptional characteristics: large, tasty, fleshy oysters of a violet color in 3 sizes:

  • Cocktail:                  5-7 cm
  • Adult:                     7-10 cm
  • XL:                     10 – 12 cm

Packaging and Logistics

We provide full service in order to make sure our seeds arrive in good condition. Thanks to our packing system that keeps the product cold, we can deliver a fresh product in excellent condition to any part of the world.

We use isolated boxes, include gel packs and we mark the boxes with content and desired handling to ensure maximum survival of the product.

Services and Consultancy

By means of sharing our expertise we provide full assistance to new farmers or established farmers and growers who have raising difficulties. Our goal is to enable a better final product for our clients. Please contact us for a custom made offer.