Our Story

Born out of Chile´s most successful innovation driving organization Fundación Chile (FCh), CULTIMAR is an independent commercial hatchery, offering first class Japanese oyster (Crassostrea gigas) larvae, seeds and adults since 1982!


We are producing high quality oyster seeds in our fully equipped facilities, through our extensive research and development program, which allows us to include the innovative triploide seeds in our product line. We have extensive experience in producing Japanese oyster seeds ensuring availability throughout the year.

In our unique location with little aquaculture in the region, our hatchery and nursery facilities are capable of producing large scale, sustainable and reliable source of oyster seeds. We have a growing production capacity for 2 billion eyed larvae and 150 million seeds per year. Our goal is to provide a reliable source of first class oyster seeds year round!

Our Product

Our product is the result of 30+ years of investigation and development, based on well-known research that allows us to generate continuous improvements in the quality of our seeds.

Both environmental conditional as those of the facility are ideal for the sustainable production of oyster larvae and seeds at large scale, meeting the growing demand for shellfish worldwide.

Our facility is equipped to the highest standard and includes laboratory, hatchery and nursery and has its own production of algae to feed the larvae’s and oysters.

In our hatchery, we apply a continuous selection of oyster larvae and seeds with highest growth potential under strict quality control. The growth and feeding in various production stages are strictly controlled by our specialized personnel to ensure a supply of products that are conditioned to the natural environment, with maximum growth and future survival. This results in the offer of the following products:


We are producing high quality oyster seeds in our full equipped facilities,

through our extensive research and development program, applying a continuous selection of oyster larvae and seeds with biggest growing potential.


From Larvea to Seeds

In Tongoy Chile, a region with very little aquaculture activity, a growing number of 250 million oyster seeds are produced yearly. A culture based on more than 30 years of R & D has led to select genetically the best oyster, recognized globally for its exceptional characteristics: large, fleshy oysters of a violet color and taste appreciated by the consumers of numerous markets.


From Chile to the world!

Our oyster seeds, produced in the fresh waters of the Humboldt current, find their way to growers all over the world and they end up being consumed worldwide!

Our certified surveillance program and our up to date bio security protocols enable us to export to demanding countries. Each year we ship out more seeds to existing markets and we continuously seek to expand our export to new markets worldwide.

Our People

We have a team of highly trained experts, dedicated to excellence throughout the production stages and committed in delivering a high quality product. We benefit from the collaboration with the Tongoy Reasearch and Development center which we share installations with. It is a multidisciplinary team of professionals with training in engineering, marine biology, veterinary medicine, aquaculture and industrial processes, economics, environment and nutrition.

The team has years of experience in oyster seed production with a continuous improvement mindset in order to be a step ahead in the development of new genetics and production methods.

Our Values

Social Responsability

We are recognized for our pristine natural environment far from cities and industries, where our product benefits from unique natural resources. We are committed to a sustainable use of these recourses as well as chemical-free processes, preserving the environment for future generations.

We apply strict prevention and control measures for infections, viruses and diseases to ensure the excellent health of our seeds.